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Writing an article about HCG Diet [23 Nov 2010|08:32pm]

Hi, I'm writing a freelance article for the Lewiston Morning Tribune's magazine, Balance, which is focused on health. My assignment is to discuss the HCG Diet, and I was hoping to get some insight from people in this area who have tried the diet before (or are currently trying it).

If you would be willing to be interviewed about your experience with the HCG Diet, please contact me at curtis.kelli@gmail.com.

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[19 Jun 2009|10:42am]

I'm looking to buy an electric ice-cream maker. I looked at Shopko and K-Mart and they both have the same shitty "Back to Basics" brand one that is too small and looks like the motor would crap out in half a day. I want something a little higher end. I didn't check Walmart, under the pretense that they're unlikely to have a higher quality product than those other places. But mostly it's because I hate going there.

Does anybody know where in town I can buy small kitchen appliances that don't suck? I'm willing to go to Walmart if somebody can tell me for sure that they have what I'm looking for. It seems like there must be a smaller store somewhere that sells that kind of thing too, right? But I can't think of where.
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Rideshare: 6/18. Lewiston to Portland, OR [14 Jun 2009|07:52pm]
The title says it all.
Standard rideshare courtesy applies. No smoking, perfumes, colognes or strong odors.

If you can do some or all of the driving, no gas money will be requested. (Valid drivers license with clean record.) I have a well-maintained mini-van. Willing to exchange contact information and emergency contact info for safety. Can pick up anywhere in the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley and drop off anywhere in the East-side Portland or downtown.  Some room for a bit of luggage, but you need to let me know how much ahead of time, as the vehicle will be otherwise filled.  Also posted on Craiglist.

6footredhead@gmail.com to make contact, or you can send a note through LJ.
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[27 May 2009|12:07pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm looking for old wool sweaters -- those shrunken, out of style ones you're always meaning to take to goodwill -- and the plastic rings that hold together six-packs for a recycled craft project. Any and all donations will be gratefully received!

Cross-posted to greenlewiston

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Herbs [24 Apr 2009|02:28pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I want to start crafting my own body products, but I have no idea where I can buy dried herbs: lavender, chammomile, lemongrass, etc...


As far as Moscow/Pullman is fine, and if you know of any great places in Spokane, that info would be welcome, too!

Of course, if you have any favorite recipes or tips, please share...


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Green living in the valley? [16 Apr 2009|07:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello, lewiston :)

I've just recently moved down to the LC valley from Edmonton, AB, in Canada. As with any move there are all kinds of adjustments to be made, new places to discover, new friends to be made. One area in particular that I seek your guidance in is in green living here.

In Edmonton, I knew which plastics to recycle, how to go about it and I had my beloved Planet Organic grocery story and the local farmers' market for organic and local produce.

Here, there is, of course, a much lovelier climate and I'm going to be starting my own vegetable garden soon... but I'm not aware of how the local recycling system works or which grocery store has the best bulk section or any other tips and tricks to living green here in Lewiston.

What's your best advice for me?

Thank you so much in advance.

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[05 Apr 2009|04:22pm]

The sun made it's grand appearance today and with it came my need for sunscreen.

I would like something that maybe doesn't smell like sunscreen since I have to wear it on a daily basis.

I am really finicky about lotions and hate the greasy residue.

I bought some Coppertune duel Defense and am not at all happy with it. If anyone has a suggestion I would love to hear them.


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Going to Seattle Soon? [14 Sep 2008|08:27pm]

Anyone heading to Seattle soon who would have room in their vehicle for a couple of boxes in exchange for some gas money? Daughter's moving, needs dishes. I have dishes, don't want to pack them up for shipping.

Lemme know, nancy@clarkston.com
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moving sale! [03 May 2008|08:09pm]

Hi All!
we're moving out of state and have a lot of stuff to get rid of. I thought I'd let you guys know about it first. Just let me know if you want to buy something.

We will be available everyday from 2-8pm.

bread machine (comes with one breadmachine mix and 6 instant yeast packets) $20
long coffee table $15
kitchen table $15
round triangle shaped side table $10
teal bookshelves (2 shelves) $10
wood bookshelves (2 shelves) $10
dvd holder with doors blond wood $10
computer desk $ 10
wood futon with mattress $50
purple child's/student desk $25
black ottoman with storage $10
swivel office chair $10
color printer $10

If you want more info, or pictures, I can e-mail them to you on request. If interested e-mail me at:
ucancallmeal at gmail dot com

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Knitting Club [29 Feb 2008|03:05pm]

I would like to start a knitting club here in the valley, and would like to know if anyone in this community would like to attend. It would be more like a weekly, twice a month or once a month meeting a coffee shop for a few hours to knit and drink beverages and talk to other knitters. (known to some as a Stitch 'N Bitch, or a Sit N' Knit.)

Let me know if you have any ideas or would like to be a part of it. My personal e-mail is ucancallmeal at gmail dot com
if you feel like e-mailing me there. Thanks!
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Top 10 Reasons to join LC Choir [29 Jan 2008|01:07pm]


Top 10 Reasons to join LC Choir


10. Get to know people of all ages & backgrounds.


9. Learn new languages.


8. Warm up stretches count as exercise!


7. Something to do on Tuesday nights.


6. It keeps your voice in shape.


5. An extra elective credit.


4. You will be vocally prepared for auditions for Jekyll & Hyde at the Civic this spring.


3. Free entertainment provided by the bass and baritone section.


2. You get to perform with Jennifer E. Opdahl.


1. For the love of singing.

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Attention LC Valley Music Lovers! [14 Jan 2008|12:41pm]

I've got a friend, Jon Crocker of California, who is supposed to play a show in Clarkston on February 1st. Unfortunately, the venue he was scheduled to play at shut down not too long ago, and now he's kind of screwed for that night. If anyone can think of anywhere in Lewiston or Clarkston where he would be able to play that night, please let me know as soon as you can. Jon has made several trips back to the valley over the last two years because of the hospitality he's been shown here, and I'd like to keep him coming back for many years to come. Thanks a lot!

-Andrew Jones
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Found: FERRET [28 Nov 2007|02:18pm]

[ mood | Bwa? ]

White ferret with gray patch around the right ear area.

Found on 22nd Ave. in Clarkston.

Nearly ran the brat over.

ANY OF YOU MISSING A FERRET?! He/She is currently taking up space in my bathtub, and I'm afraid I can't keep him/her long.

If not...Anyone know of any place local that might hold this ferret until its owner calls to find him/her?

...Does the pound or shelter hold ferrets...?

Anyone want a free ferret??


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Oktoberfest 2007 [01 Oct 2007|08:55pm]

Sponsored by the Hell's Canyon Homebrewers' Club
Saturday October 6th
Pioneer Park
Noon - 5 p.m.

Food served Noon - 3 p.m. (German Brat's, potato salad, applesauce, dessert)
Tickets are $12 each (available at Potlatch Credit Union, any brew club member, or call 743-7691)
6 free samples of beer
Complimentary commemorative beer glass.
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Weird Al! [31 Aug 2007|01:14am]
Weird Al Yankovic is in town October 5th at the fairgrounds.
Tickets are on sale at Rosauer's and Pepperland records.

Here's an inside scoop, though. You can buy them for $22 as "pre-ticketing" through Weird Al's website.

Just fYI
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Craig's List for the Valley [23 Aug 2007|01:50pm]
Craig's List does not show a specific area for Lewiston/Clarkston, but they do have one for Moscow/Pullman.

Anyone who is familiar with Craig's list should help "suggest" that they open a forum for the valley area.  There's no reason not to have one for our area. It's a very useful tool.

Just sayin'...
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Attention Harry Potter movie-goers! [09 Jul 2007|08:09pm]

Would anyone who has a ticket for the midnight showing be willing to trade for a 12.15 showing? My friends got their tickets yesterday, but the midnight show was sold out by the time I got a chance to get one today. Leave a comment or (preferably) call me (208-305-7513). 'Twould really mean a lot to me! Thanks!
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Magic Kingdom? Anyone? [22 Jun 2007|08:20am]

[ mood | tired ]

Anyone ever driven from the Valley down to the Anaheim/LA/Long Beach, CA area?

Anyone got a rough estimate of how long it took? I've heard anywhere between 18-24 hours.

Any tips and tricks to help 3 wayward travellers along their way?

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To any and all WEIRD AL fans out there... [11 Jun 2007|03:51pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Here is his touring schedule.

Take note of the October 5th tour date.

And celebrate.

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Concert Saturday [23 May 2007|10:46pm]

If you're not doing anything this Saturday afternoon, you should come to The Sound Downtown and listen to some tunes. As far as I know there will be no cover charge, it's at Brackenbury Square, and I start playing at 3:30 (I don't know when the actual concert starts). We only plan to play about 5 songs, which is good because I work at 5. It'd sure be nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd, so come if you enjoy seeing a happy Zach.
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